norah | 18 | trans wlw | she/her | leftist | a.s./hfa |

hi!! i'm norah, and i love naps, rainy days, and my girlfriend belle!!! <3
i'm an aspiring comic artist, game dev, and illustrator that loves video games, comics, and animation!

interests/follow me on twitter if you like:


  • she-ra p.o.p

  • little witch academia

  • fire emblem: three houses

  • nichijou

  • rwby

  • splatoon 2

  • oneshot

  • a hat in time

  • hyper light drifter

  • spiderverse

  • zelda/botw

  • persona 5

  • kirby

  • vinesauce

  • jerma985

  • art ! ! !

  • chiptunes

  • composing / producing music

  • listening to lots of music

  • comics and animation

  • linguistics

  • game dev

  • programming

  • vidya games :3

super fav characters!

fav ships!

i primarily use twitter, discord, and mastodon for social media (and reddit as a tumblr-lite but im not actually active), though i also occasionally use snapchat and instagram (but not really).

you can find my social media links below, but please keep the following things in mind!!

i'll sometimes get political or topical, but beyond basic CWs like american politics and mild dysphoria, my main acct is generally pretty safe.i sometimes like and follow nsfw artists on twitter, but retweets and posts on my twitter will never be anything more than minor nudity/cuteness!i have an AD/nsfw twitter, but i'll only give it to select people through DM or follow requests.

do not interact/message if you:

are bigoted against marginalized groupsare a map, pedo, ddlg, etcsupport fascism in any way, are "anti-sjw", etcthink it's ok to use slurs like re**rd, f*g, tr**ny, tr*p in any way, call people "autistic" as an insult, etc.make an effort to gatekeep identities in a malignant way

i like to make music a lot too! i've been making music as a hobby for almost 3 years now, and i've released two pay-what-you-want albums on my bandcamp.

most of my music is on soundcloud or bandcamp, but i also post random chiptunes or music sketches onto my personal account, which you can find compiled here.

i also listen to a ton of music. like a lot. if you wanna check out my playlists or stuff i like, you can check out my top 42 albums collage, my spotify, or my :p